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The Mom Diaries (updated)

Yeah, I know.

Over two weeks.

I suck.

She was out in the lobby again, wearing two tee shirts ("No I'm not.") with a belt. Dirty hair. Sweat pants.


Mom snippets du jour: (my but I'm very French today. Mais oui.)

"It's hotter than hell out here." I suggested a change in attire before we left, but temperature chats don't register anymore.

"Leafy?" This is what she heard when I asked if she was sleepy.

"I'm trying to get my mouth in the right place." I have no idea.

"Ding." When she opened her to-go box of pie.

"There's a lot of that." Rain clouds

"It's calm in here." K&W cafeteria

"Your hair doesn't like you." After I mentioned my hair looked all crazy.

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