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Old Friends

Fawn wrote about the visit in her blog.

Mom always took an interest in our friends; some of my friends even called her independently of me. She was friends with my sister's ex-husband and my brother's ex-girlfriend. She always asked about them, "How's [fill in the blank]?" "Have you heard from ________ lately? How are they doing?"
But she probably didn't remember Fawn, even though Mom called her "another daughter" when she had her heart surgery in 1999.

Mom looked good, must have had her hair done that day, although she kept insisting she hadn't. She only had one shirt on, which was a plus; it was about 97. She was in a great mood. We were heading for Rick's Diner, then she saw Nantucket Grill, her steak place, and wanted to go there. After the filet mignon and three cups of mashed, she got a slice of coconut cake seeing as how it was free cake night.

She wanted ice cream to go with her cake, so we went to Harris Teeter (Fawn thought that was a hilarious name for a grocery store.). Mom was calling me (and Fawn) Mommy and laughing. She held both our hands as we crossed the parking lot.

Inside she started looking at magazines. I left Fawn in charge and went off to get the ice cream, when I came back Mom had collected a Pepsi and a Snickers bar.
On our way out we ran into Kathiey, which is always a treat. While we were chatting, Mom spotted fresh strawberries and toddled off towards them, so we cut our visit short to pay for the strawberries.

We sat on the front porch of Wynwood and while Mom ate her ice cream, Fawn and I took phone calls from from our friends Roy and Richard. Richard is one of my friends who used to call and talk to her.

She wouldn't know him from Adam now.


  1. It was so nice to see you guys at Harris Teeter. I was so happy to meet Fawn & when I met your mom I felt as though I was meeting a celebrity because I felt I already knew her from your blog posts. You guys, all three, made my day:-)

  2. Aw, thanks Kathiey. We do need to get together.
    Sorry your orzo salad didn't turn out.

  3. It's so clear you love your mother. This little portrait of some time together--lovely.

  4. Kimmie - I had so much fun hanging out with you and your mom. I didn't really expect her to remember me. She's so different now. And cute. And a bit cheerier than I remember! It was great to meet Kathiey as well, though I was sorry we didn't have more time to visit.

  5. i loved this-- your last line was awesome! :)