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Finnbarr McCool

The other two have had their own posts, now it's Finn's turn.

My little Manx cat Finn is the NC native of the group; he was adopted from Independent Animal Rescue. I saw him in Petsmart and it was total adoration (on my part) at first sight. Because hello?, Siamese AND Manx - pretty much my two favorite cat breeds rolled into one. How could I resist?!
I'm pretty sure he's smarter than me and if he had opposable thumbs he would rule the world.

Finn McCool, or Fionn mac Cumhaill for all you speakers of Irish Gaelic out there, was a legendary Irish giant. Think Paul Bunyan but with women, swords, and killing. Oh, and dogs instead of oxen.

According to Bad Ass of the Week, Finn "...created the Isle of Man (from whence the Manx cat hails) by trying to hurl a giant chunk of Ireland at a guy who was pissing him off. Finn just didn't give a shit."
That's my Finn!

Finn probably thinks his full name is "Finn-stop-that-get-down-what-are-you-doing-get-out-of-that-what-are-you-into-now-oh-for-Pete's-sake-knock-it-off-how-are-you-going-to-get-down/out-from-there-aww-you're-so-cute".
Yea, he's like that.

Some of his other names are: Finney, Finney-Fin, Finney-Finners, Fins (I am nothing but original), Stinker Butt, Bunny Butt, Panda Butt, Barr (by Allison), Bratty Braterton, and Meep (from his meow, which sounds like "meeeeeeeee".) "Give me a meep" also means touch noses in my CCL world.

Finn is very helpful around the house: He dusts off the dining table (see above); sits on craft projects while I'm doing them; climbs the electrician's ladder to supervise, usually when the electrician is on the ladder; inspects any running water; gets behind the TV armoire to make sure all the wires are intact, of course; sticks his head up inside lamp shades to insure the bulbs are burning.

He even walks across the top of the mini blinds to make sure they're holding up okay.

He's also a very caring housemate: he makes sure Lillie and Oscar get their exercise by chasing and wrestling respectively. He checks my pillow softness by kneading it in the middle of the night, and kindly makes sure I'm breathing by putting his nose on my mouth.

He never met anyone he didn't like and he thinks everyone adores him. Maybe I should have more of that attitude!


  1. Oh! Finn is a beautiful cat. (I do love cats!)

    And I had to smile when you told me at my blog that you'd recently written a post about knowing/not knowing what we are called to do *because* it was your first two sentences which inspired my post! That was all I read, just those sentences (I often do that sort of thing so that I won't be copying what other people write, even sub-consciously). So thank-you! You reminded me of the years I went back and forth wondering is it this? Or is it that which I should be doing? :) Have a fun Thursday.... Blessings, Debra

  2. The pieces about your animal friends are lots of fun. Finn and friends pretty much lucked out with you, didn't they? It's so great that you rescued them.
    I hope to get Hadley (cat) and Brio (dog) into my blog at some point. It seems rude not to include them.

  3. Andrea,
    Yes I think they all knew a sucker when they saw me walk in!