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One Ringy-Dingy

Who knows how many times a phone will ring before disconnecting?

Okay, I won't keep you in suspense any longer.

The answer is...thirty times.

This is another huge difference between Now Mom and Prior Mom. Prior Mom could not let the phone ring and would literally get out of the shower to answer it. She was so afraid she'd miss something. Now Mom doesn't answer the phone anymore. She doesn't connect (ha) the ringing with something she needs to do.

I don't think we ever watched a movie together in its entirety. It was always interrupted by a phone call and she could not let go it to voice mail. She'd then spend forty five minutes talking (yakking, as my dad put it) to whichever of her myriad friends/family members it happened it be. Used to piss me off actually - what am I, chopped liver!?

My sister called it her umbilical cord.

Mom was the hub of the wheel and without her we are unconnected, adrift. The rest of us are not that great in the communication department. My brother and I are like Dad, one or two word responses and done in about five minutes (I love texting, it's a God send). My sister will talk - if you can get her to answer the phone. My mom kept us abreast of each others news and in doing so, enabled us in our dysfunctional communication skills.

The cord has been cut.

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