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Black Cat Appreciation Day

Facebook (or someone on Facebook) is having a Black Cat Appreciation Day on August 17.
Lillie will be in virtual attendance.

Did you know that black cats (and dogs) are the last to be adopted at the animal shelter?

I have seen people actually step back from a cage containing a black cat; my own very superstitious Irish grandfather would turn around and go home if he saw one.
When volunteering at the Durham shelter, I would make sure the black cats had light colored bedding so they would stand out (often they would be on the bottom row of cages, making them extra hard to be seen, which was perhaps a coincidence.)

My little black cat LOVES to be brushed - which is good because she is a hair manufacturing machine.
She knows the word "brushing" and will run to the ottoman:
Assuming the position

Tummy brushing position

I 'll give you thirty minutes to stop

Sleek and silky

I love this song because the accordion reminds me of Amelie, which is the happiest movie I know. 


  1. Hi Kim I enjoyed seeing pictures of your precious kitty. Our Rocky turns over automatically so he can get a tummy rub. Thanks for adding the great video and have a wonderful rest of your Sunday.

  2. Lillie is very beautiful and very good at assuming the various positions. I've had two black cats in my life, three if you count brindly black. Precious ones. Why bother living on this earth at all if you don't live with a cat (or two or more)?

  3. Hey Kim,
    I love black cats. We have had a couple in our family over the years & even one black lab when I was growing up:-)

  4. Wayne Morris, an Artist from New York, started the event on facebook.

    Then he turned down using his event to promote a fund-raiser for Black Cat Rescue because the art wasn't his.

    So much for caring about the cats!