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Windows of the Soul

Yearly eye exam today.
Thank goodness my prescription hadn't changed or those new glasses I got last month would have been for naught. (Don't you love the word naught? I do but I know naught why.)

Then I went to drop off that pesky modem of Mom's at the Time Warner location given to me by Chrystal with a silent "H".

Even with my eyes dilated I couldn't find this place. Google Maps said it would be after this street, right before this street. The only thing there was trees and a sidewalk. Oh Google, Google, why hast thou forsaken me?!

Finally after a lovely trip down Burning somethingorother Drive, I thought, "Ah-HA! I'll bet Google Maps is WRONG." (Although it pained me to think such a thing.)
Sure enough, in a tiny strip mall - waaaaaay after the street it wasn't supposed to be after, was the TW location.
You know what - they knew the map was wrong in there. And if I had been able to call them directly, they could have told me that.

But never mind that now. The modem is returned, my eyes are back to normal, Chipotle was had for dinner (right by the eye doc) and Deadwood  is queued in the DVD player. All's right with the world.

Please enjoy Tiger Darrow's Mr. Gingerbread.


  1. Well Kim, even using a GPS device you are taking a chance. I have been going down I40 and all of a sudden it says turn left. They help but the brain always has to filter it's info. Have a great rest of the week.

  2. Oh, shoot! I knew where that stinky place is. They are always having me trek over there to cover their own confusion. Glad you found it. Nice picture! Anon