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Some Semi-Big News

I'm going back to my old company.

I know, right?

We had parted amicably after eleven and a half years. People would ask if there was any possibility of going back and I would say no, it's done, next chapter please. (Readers, I am a closer - let's move along.)

So there I sat on July 28 at New Job (NJ) minding my own business, doing some spreadsheet or other, when I received a text from Old Job (OJ) asking if I would consider coming back.

Hmmmm, I thought.
I thought and I thought and I thought:

Am I a loser for only sticking it out here for seven months? (no)
Is this like going back to a boyfriend after the relationship ends? (no)
Am I going back to what's comfortable? (yes, and what's wrong with that?)
What about job security? (no guarantees anywhere)

Then I consulted with several trusted advisers (Anon CP, Pam, and Fawn for three) and I thought some more.

And decided to go back. Even though it's the same amount I make now (less than I made there before) and a different job than I did before.

Debra's postings over at As I See It Now have lately been about learning about yourself.
I have discovered a few things about myself in these past seven months.

What are those things you may ask. (then again, you may not)

There is a difference between an administrative assistant and an office manager. In this company, being an administrative assistant involves HR stuff that I am not fond of doing. Like having to ask someone for proof that their day old baby died so they can get bereavement leave. Sorry, just hate that. (granted, it doesn't happen everyday, but once is enough, ya know?)

Corporate life = Hello, welcome. Here's your box, please stay in it. If you would like to leave your box, you must first request permission from these twenty-seven people and have the form XYZ12345678-b Revision 207 filled out by your supervisor(s).
I'm exaggerating a bit, actually everyone is very nice, but there are forms and people to ask about EVERYTHING.

Oh the drama that happens with a bigger staff. I HATE IT. It upsets my Libra peace-love-and-tie-dye sensibilities. Really, can't we all just do our jobs and get along?

I felt myself give a little sigh of relief when I decided.

So there you have it.


  1. Good luck Kim, I am sure familiar surroundings will feel good.

  2. Though this adviser was not asked "this time", I still approve.

  3. Yippee! Good move. This adviser is most pleased.

  4. Wow, that sounds like an honor to be asked back so congrats! I hope all will go well and I think the points you made are all very valid. Thanks, too, for the mention of my blog.... this getting to know oneself really saves us from some making certain silly decisions I'm finding. Your decision sounds quite wise to me! Blessings, Debra