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Things My Mother Told Me - Part II

My anam cara's mother said burnt toast made for a better singing voice. That one might be Norwegian. :)

She also reminded me of the clean underwear one (in case you're in an accident - as if that's the only good reason).

Anon CP had why buy cow/ free milk.

How could I have forgotten either of those!?

If dinner was late, my mom always reassured us by telling us rich people ate late. 

When the sun shone while it was raining - the devil was beating his wife. 
I cannot tell you how many hours I pondered over this saying. (If the devil was in hell, what was his wife doing in heaven? What was HE doing in heaven beating her? What the heck was God doing - watching TV in the other room?!)

If her nose itched - someone was coming with a hole in their britches.
If her palm itched - money was coming.

If you walked around one side of an object and she walked around the other, (and she went out of her way to make sure that didn't happen), you both had to say something that went together - like ham and eggs, bread and butter. I don't know what that one was about, one of my grandfather's probably.

Did boys get all these homilies or is this a girls only club? 

How about you? What did your mother tell you?


In reference to the 5.9 earthquake on Tuesday, this is going around:

My Kentucky friend said a 5.9 just stirs their coffee in California. (Being from Cantuckee, he's an honest Southern gentleman and told me he stole that.)

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