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Anon CP, Bo, and I watch shows together separately and text back and forth: OMG - Wu! Swegen! pigs! Bullock! Trixie!, etc. We are done with Deadwood (sadly) and moving on to The Wire.

Being as how I miscalculated on the returning of my Netflix stash, (Justified, can't get enough of Timothy Olyphant), last night I was sans movie. I stopped by the library and picked up two.
The thing about [our] library - they put the code type sticker stuff all over the back so you really can't read the description, making choosing a movie a crap shoot.

One I will not even tell you about.

The other was a movie called Rumba and it was utterly charming. The minimal talking and physical comedy is very Jacques Tati-ish, in a slightly darker humoured, (but not mean spirited), way.

Here's a wee clip:

Tonight I have some catching up to do on The Wire.

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