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What's on the Nightstand for Reading

This for book club:

I've started it. It's funny and weird, like us Southerners.

And this:

Someone, (sorry - forgotten who), told me about this book. I wish it had been out three years ago (and I would have had the good sense to read it).

So far it's been her journey with her mother, but crammed in there are all kinds of things I didn't know I didn't know back then.

Like "assisted living" is for a population that doesn't exist. Looking ahead to see the big picture. Stay away from the ER if at all possible.
Keep an extra pair of glasses and a phone charger in the car.

When you're in those first few weeks of realization - you feel desperate. Get her somewhere where she'll be taken care of. We fall prey to the marketing ploys of assisted living - which are directed towards us, the children, not the parents. Frankly, Mom probably should have gone from Hillcrest straight into the memory care unit.

If anyone out there is in the beginning of this journey, first, I'm so sorry and second, you might find this book helpful.
There are probably others out there with a different way of explaining things, but so far I'm appreciating that someone else's path looked a little like mine - right down to the denial and the guilt.


  1. Thanks for the book suggestions, I've added Jane Gross' book to my amazon list.

    What is the difference between assisted living and a unit? Assisted is people coming to the house, right?

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  2. @ Kristy. I misspoke - she should have skipped independent living and gone right to assisted.
    Assisted living = they supply some assistance (which you pay for of course). The memory care unit is a higher level of assisted living - more care (which you pay for of course) with locked doors so they don't wander off.