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Know What Else I Hate?

Coming back to my car today after a lovely brunch at Weaver Street Market to find this:

Best of all - surprise! no note. Man, am I pissed - for all the good it does. Arrgggghhhh.

It would be impossible to not know you did this - there's pieces of your light there, you eejit.
There's a bit of karma (ha) - you have to get something fixed too.

Here's hoping most of it will come off with a Mister Clean Magic Eraser. I'll have to break out the touch up paint; it won't fix the dings and slight dent, but I can't afford my $500 deducible right now.

This is the second time in two years this has happened to me in a parking lot. The other time was at the Q-Shack, but it was much worse. Involved a rental car and about a week at the body shop. No note then either.
I haven't been back to Q-Shack since.

To take my mind off the infuriatingly stupid people out there who screw up other people's cars with apparently no thought, I offer you this: an "Epic Rap Battle of History" between William Shakespeare and Dr. Seuss.
I found it hilarious.


  1. Not the little white Toyota! Nooooooooo! KP, there is plenty more karma to come for that . . . person. For example, I now regret every single time I annoyed my poor mother. Karma -- OH, YEAH!!!! Anon CP

  2. Sorry you are having bad luck Kim. We are unfortunately in a world full of idiots and @#%& happens. I hope this week goes well for you.