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This is kudzu:
Photo: James H. Miller, USDA, Forest Service
I imagine this is what it looks like inside my mother's demented brain - rapidly being overgrown.

We hung out some today, after I got a couple of estimates on getting my car fixed ($1800 & $1400).
She wanted to go outside in the courtyard; it was hot and we didn't stay long, instead we went to her room and watched some TV.
Dog the Bounty Hunter, Mom made funny comments about Beth's rather substantial cleavage and Dog's hair.
"She has a lot of them."
More in that vein.

I had to fill in most of the blanks. Lots of nonsense words and gibberish today, repeats and uncompleted thoughts.

Then we watched a little Bonanza. She got excited about seeing horses, but couldn't remember what they were called.

We (okay, I) flipped to TCM, a movie with Joan Crawford was on. Mom seemed bored, so we looked at an old photo album from Juneau.
"That's not me!" She pointed to a picture of my sister.
But then she was more concerned with the pages coming out of the album than looking at the pictures.
And she wanted to go out and roam the halls with the rest of her pack.

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  1. I am truly sorry you are having to deal with this Kim. I have been in rest homes so many times and witnessed all the symptoms and it is so sad.