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PTO = paid time off. Taking most of my ten days from OJ (old job - no, wait, New Job, almost Old Job).

Today, several of us went to the NC Museum of Art to catch the 30 Americans exhibit before it exits (stage right) on September 4.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Kehinde Wiley

Iona Rozeal Brown

Hank Willis Thomas

Afterward we wandered over to the new building for lunch at Iris. These flowers were on the table:

Our waiter K*^e, who spent most of our time together acting like he was in a zombie movie, got a little (key word) animated when he asked us if we knew what they were called. We did not.

"Billy Balls", he informed us.

Score one for zombie K*^e! (The real name is Craspedia.) 

While we are on the subject of host/wait staff, one of the aforementioned had the Amish beard-only thing going on.  
I don't get it and as a Libra, the distinctly unbalanced look disturbs me.  
Gah - do both or nothing! When this person came over to ask if everything was okay - we all starred in horror at his empty upper lip. 
Or maybe that was just me. 
I mean, a 'stache sans beard is fine, but a beard alone is a thing to be shorn. 

AND - another male facial hair thing I don't get - the semi-beard, or what I call the George Michael look. 

Again, no halfway with me - grow the beard (and the mustache) already or shave. It takes just as long to manicure that stubble, maybe longer. Do women like this?! 

And don't EVEN get me started on the soul patch. Good lord. 

ANYWAY...from there we drifted to on-line dating and the hilarity of profile surfing, as one will. 

Here's one: if you [a woman] are "sassy mouthed and hard-headed - move on." 

You know what - I AM sassy mouthed, hard headed, and proud of it. And you sir, probably have an Amish beard.  

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