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Post Irene

The Outer Banks got smacked pretty hard and people died. The other folks in her path that aren't quite as used to hurricanes are having a tough time. 

We were lucky, minimal damage here in the Piedmont. In fact, yesterday we had a birthday party sitting outside Foster's Market, just like any other Saturday. Save for gusty winds and dark clouds scuttling past at a high rate of speed, you'd not have known there was anything going on.

The down side is we had very little rain from Irene. The catch-22 with this area is no hurricane = drought; we get most of our rainfall from hurricanes. 

Today the sky is a beautiful Carolina blue. 

May Irene live up to her name (derived from the Greek word εἰρήνη (eiréné) meaning "peace") and not her hype the rest of the way up the coast.

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